Andrew C Horton
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My work is about the balance of contrasting forces, not in an effort to find equilibrium but to find the tension and play between them. They are at times complementary and other times combative, but they give definition to one another. When one pushes the other pushes back or gives way and both are transformed. I examine the point where they meet, how they arrived there, and where they may go. I frequently examine issues of tension, decay, anxiety, passing of time, repetition, and urbanization.
My technique is rooted in drawing, but I utilize painting, sculpture, and aspects of installation. My goal is not to create separate bodies of work in different media but to utilize various methods in combination. The layers are metaphorical for layers of meaning, the passing of time, erasure, or of the process of construction. I hope to ultimately present a multifaceted experience of my subjects that is reminiscent of spaces like museums of history or science or places of worship where imagery, sculpture, iconography, sound, and ritual come together to tie many narratives together.